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Create Cool Picture Slides in Just 1 Click

PowerPoint Picture Slides Trick

Do you create PowerPoint slides with full page pictures and captions like this?

Before Picture Slide Example
Want to learn how to make such picture slides look slicker with just a single click?

In this article, I will show you how, with a cool trick you can implement in your next presentation.

The delightful combination of a desaturated photo with a bright colored caption box:

A black and white photo with a bright colored caption is an ageless combination- like a white T-shirt and blue jeans. It has the power to lift the look and feel of any picture slide in a jiffy.

Take a look at how the earlier picture slide undergoes a miraculous transformation when we use the combination:

After Picture Slide Example
The difference is stunning. Isn’t it?

That is why the trick is used by most professional graphic designers.

Here are a couple of reasons why the technique comes in quite handy in a PowerPoint presentation:

  1. You can instantly make your slide deck look consistent and professional, by applying a simple desaturation effect across slides. You no longer need to worry about color clashes across photos
  2. In the usual picture slides, the captions don’t get much attention because they blend into the background. When you desaturate your slides, the bright colored caption box gains prominence. So, you can focus your audience’s attention to the captions in an effective way

Now, let us see how to achieve this beautiful effect in PowerPoint:

Let us take the following picture slide to work on:

Before Picture Slide Example 2

The first step is to select the picture. Then, go to the ‘Format’ tab in PowerPoint ribbon. In the ‘Adjust’ group in the top left side of the ribbon, click on the ‘Color’ tool. A drop down menu opens up as follows:

Color Saturation Tool For Picture

Under ‘Color saturation’ choose the first option on the left, which says – ‘Saturation: 0%’.

The picture now turns into ‘Black and White’.

Now, choose the caption box. Go to the Home tab in PowerPoint ribbon. In the ‘Drawing’ group choose ‘Shape Fill’ option. This opens up a dialog box like the following:

Shape Fill Tool
Choose a bright color to fill the caption box.

Your slide should now look like this:

After Picture Slide Example 2
As you can see, the slide looks stunning and the caption box appears prominent.

That is how you make your picture slides in PowerPoint look slick.

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