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This one ability differentiates an Expert PowerPoint user from an average one

Expert of Average PowerPoint User

Expert of Average PowerPoint User
To understand the difference between excellent and average PowerPoint user, let me use an analogy…

Can you tell the ingredients when you taste a new dish?

Expert Chef Analogy
But, most expert chefs can.

Yes. They not only can tell you the list of ingredients used, but also the quantity in which they are used.

That unique ability allows them to experiment with different combinations to produce new mouthwatering dishes that blow your mind.

How do you think they developed that skill?

Lots and lots of experimentation and practice.

They know exactly how each food ingredient works with the other, so they use that knowledge to create new dishes.

When it comes to business presentations, you can find that magical ability in expert users of PowerPoint as well. Let me explain…

When an average user of PowerPoint looks at a graphic like this…
Target Diagram Graphic Example

All they can think of is, “That’s a cool graphic. Where can I get it?”

Average PowerPoint User
Whereas an excellent user of PowerPoint sees the graphic as a combination of Autoshapes that can easily be reproduced.
Expert PowerPoint User

This ability to see a graphic based on its components is a useful skill for any presentation designer.

For example, when you have the skill…

  • You can reproduce any graphic you see using simple Autoshapes
  • You can customize any graphic to suit your specific requirements
  • You can create new graphics using other graphics as inspiration

When you have the ability to create any graphic at will, you’d be able to express any idea visually in a clear and memorable way.

It is like having better vocabulary in a language. You can express your ideas far more freely and accurately. Now, the question is…

How to develop the magic skill of seeing a graphic as its components?

You can develop the skill when you learn how to build graphics in PowerPoint in a systematic way. When you have a strong foundation in PowerPoint, when you understand how the various tools in PowerPoint function, when you learn how to combine different tools to create different effects and understand the essentials of building 2D and 3D graphics from scratch – you will automatically be able to create stunning and creative graphics at will.

You will automatically find workarounds for common issues you face in creating a graphic.

You will be able to inform, persuade and inspire your audience with clear and memorable visuals at will.

Do you want to acquire that skill in PowerPoint?

Do you want to take your average PowerPoint skills to excellent level?

Then, I highly recommend you take a look at our ‘Ramgopal’s PowerPoint Mastery Program’. It is the most comprehensive and creative PowerPoint training online for business presenters.

Inside the course, there is a section called 2D and 3D Diagrams and Effects with over 150 step by step video tutorials that lay a strong foundation for you to create any graphic or effect with ease.

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