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5 Creative Ideas to Present Numbered Lists

Numbered checklist slides are one of the most common types of slides you would see in a presentation slide deck. Here is an example of the slide type:

While the slide looks clean and professional, the design is not very creative.
In this article, I will show you some interesting ways in which you can construct this slide, to grab your audience’s attention instantly.

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Idea 1: Using interesting pictures instead of the boring numbers

If you want to keep your presentation light and interesting, you can replace the numbers with images of a hand showing the numbers as follows:

Of course, you can use your own variations for the pictures – like silhouettes, actual photos etc. depending on the kind of presentation you make.

Idea 2: Use the picture of a hand

You can use the picture of a hand to represent a numbered checklist slide. You can use the digits of the hand to represent the numbers. Take a look at the example here:

creative-numbered-list-ideas-photosI’ve used the picture sideways to accommodate more text. You can use the vertical orientation too.

Idea 3: Use SmartArt

If you want a faster way to create a variation for your checklist, you can use a SmartArt graphic as shown below:

creative-numbered-list-ideas-shapesIdea 4: Use a framework

Instead of listing the numbers from top to bottom, you can try using a simple framework to list your numbers as shown below:

creative-numbered-list-ideas-quadrantThe framework can be popular models like SWOT, PEST etc.

Idea 5: Illustrate the points with relevant icons

You can make your numbered list more memorable by adding illustrative icons as shown below:


Studies have shown that, using ‘visuals with text’ makes your information 6 times more memorable than using text alone. So, this variation really works.
So, as you can see – by applying a little bit of creativity and imagination you can make one of the most boring slide types sizzle with freshness.


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