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16 Creative Ideas to Makeover Your Training Slides

Most Training presentations have some common slides. In this post, you’ll find some creative ways to present these slides on your training slides.
This makes it fun for you as a trainer to create interesting slides.
It makes it even more interesting for the audience to view the same information in a creative way!

For example, almost every single training program may start with an Agenda slide.

In the following video below you can find 5 creative ways to start off your presentation.

3 Creative Ideas for Making Over an Agenda Slide

PowerPoint Agenda

A agenda slide need not just be a list of points to be covered.

PowerPoint Agenda

You can use the agenda slide creatively as a way to organize the structure of your training.

Whether it is a training addressing some common myths, a boring process or a series of topics, the agenda can be presented in a creative way.
Such an agenda slide can also be referred to at the end of each section to keep the audience on track.

Let us start with some practical and useful ideas in this video:

Let us continue with making over ‘dull’ slides in training…

3 Creative Ideas for Numbered List

Usual Boring List Slide

A really boring slide in a training presentation is usually the numbered list.

After all, a list of items is a list of items. Can you really present a list of items creatively?
Of course you can, as this video below shows…

Hope you find the ideas useful and can implement them in your next training presentation!

10 Creative Ways for Presenting Quotes

You may be presenting a quote slide that contains any of the following:

  • Feedback from other employees
  • Announcement or quote from Senior Managers
  • Testimonial from customers
  • Extract from Product Manual etc.

Any of these quote slides can be made more interesting by laying emphasis on a particular part of the slide design.

Hope the video above sparked some creative ideas in your mind!

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