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The individual modules are clearly laid out and demonstrated in an interesting fashion. It is pitched at the right level and is easy to learn and improve from.
I am doing my best amidst my regular everyday life to go through the Mastery Videos and they are totally inspirational and brilliant.
Rachel Bunger
eBook Author

Why Ramgopal's PowerPoint Mastery?

Every trick, technique and process you’ll ever need to create result getting, professional looking slides, that you can’t wait to show off - even if you are a beginner in PowerPoint...

9 Key PowerPoint Mastery Sections:

1. PowerPoint Set Up Mastery

2. PowerPoint Slide Design Mastery

3. PowerPoint Graphic Tools Mastery

4. PowerPoint Pictures Mastery

5. PowerPoint Slide Layouts Mastery

6. SmartArt Mastery

7. 2D & 3D Graphics & Effects Mastery

8. PowerPoint Charts, Tables & Infographics Mastery

9. PowerPoint Custom Animations Mastery

The Program Contains:

650 Videos

Access to Step-by-Step Screencast videos to help you follow along easily

59.5 Hours

Deep & Comprehensive videos to help you Master PowerPoint

225 Lessons

Text Based Lessons on creative ideas & practical tips


Download PowerPoint Exercise files, Printable PDF instructions, Resource links and checklists for complete learning

24 Hours

Online virtual access to your program anywhere and at any time, as many times as you need at your convenience.

22 Years

My experience in Sales, Coaching, Business & Training - where I have worked extensively with PowerPoint

Don't settle for the 'half knowledge' from traditional books and courses!

Get the most Comprehensive & Creative PowerPoint Training for Business Presentations

The lessons coverage is complete and the explanation is good and clear.
In the beginning the video folders are organized well with numbers and sub-numbers on the folders, especially Set Up Mastery. Easy to know which folder to study first if I want to have it in sequence or in proper order. 

Michael Romero
Manager, Coal Mining

What You'll Master in PowerPoint

The Training Program is organized as follows:
The structure of the program is as follows:
  • There are 9 different Mastery Sections
  • Each section has multiple topics
  • A topic contains multiple lessons
  • Each lesson contains the related videos, text lessons and downloadable instructions and work files.
  • E.g. : Section: Set Up Mastery | Topic: Essentials | Lesson: Working with Slides | Contents: Video on How to Add New Slide & more
The 9 Mastery Sections that will help you be THE PowerPoint Expert
#1 : PowerPoint Accelerator: Set Up Mastery 

​No. of Videos : 63     | Total Duration : 3 Hrs 50 Mins  |    Text Based Lessons : 15       |    PDF Downloads:    2      

​PowerPoint allows you to perform any task in multiple ways. But, only one of them is the efficient way and the others rob your time and cause you frustration.

If you need to avoid frustration and save time - you need to have your basics strong. The first section of the training program will help you lay a strong foundation for your PowerPoint basics.

#2 : PowerPoint Slide Design Mastery 

​No. of Videos : 38    | Total Duration : 3 Hrs 05 Mins |  Text Based Lessons : 17      |   PDF Downloads:    3      | PowerPoint Files : 4 

In a business presentation - your slides are the packaging of your ideas. You may have the best of ideas, products and services. Your delivery style may be impeccable. But, in a boardroom or a training room - what your audience sees first are your slides.

Whether you like it or not, today - the quality of your slides impact the success of your career and business. That is why we have an entire section called ‘PowerPoint Slide Design Mastery’.

#3 : PowerPoint Graphic Tools Mastery 

​No. of Videos : 51    | Total Duration : 4 Hrs 55 Mins |   Text Based Lessons : 55  |    PDF Downloads:    7   | PowerPoint Files : 18 

To create more visual and interesting slides, you need to master 3 sets of tools. They are - the text tools to create clear labels, autoshapes to create insightful graphics and 3D tools to polish your graphics & take them to the next level. 

You will  go beyond learning just the functionality of the tools, and learn their application in real life situations.

#4 : PowerPoint Pictures Mastery 

​No. of Videos : 58    | Total Duration : 4 Hrs 55 Mins | Text Based Lessons : 21   |    PDF Downloads:    2    | PowerPoint Files : 33 

If you want to make an information oriented or technical presentation, or you want to illustrate a process or recipe, or you want to showcase a place or person - you need to know how to use pictures the right way on your slides. 

That is why I created this comprehensive section called PowerPoint Pictures Mastery.

#5 : Slide Layouts Mastery 

​No. of Videos : 54     | Total Duration : 5 Hrs 31 Mins |   Text Based Lessons : -     |    PDF Downloads:    29   | PowerPoint Files : 38 

Now that we have a clear and strong foundation of the tools in PowerPoint, it is time to create professional looking slide layouts to place our content on our slides.

Every step of the slide creation process is explained from scratch in our screencast videos. And I have included a complete set of finished slides for you to download, in case you want to reverse engineer and learn from any of them.

#6 : SmartArt Mastery 

​No. of Videos : 19    | Total Duration : 1 Hrs 56 Mins |  Text Based Lessons : 2    |    PDF Downloads:    -   | PowerPoint Files : -

In this section you'll Master SmartArt by understanding the tool deeply and fully. I will show you how to overcome the inherent limitations of the tool - with creative workarounds.

By the time you finish this course, you will fall in love with this wonderful tool and create clear and memorable slides with ease.

#7 : 2D and 3D Diagrams & Effects Mastery 

​No. of Videos : 129  | Total Duration : 13 Hrs 50 Mins |   Text Based Lessons :  1   | PDF Downloads:    29   | PowerPoint Files : 130 

If you want true freedom to create any graphic of your choice, you need to know how to work with 2D and 3D tools of PowerPoint. In this section, you will hone your graphic creation skills by creating a number of such graphics and effects from scratch.

The techniques you pick up will help you extend the idea to create any graphic of your choice.This section is quite comprehensive and the lessons are organized to ensure that there is a progressive level of complexity in the diagrams created.

#8 : Data-Driven Charts, Tables & Infographics Mastery 

​No. of Videos : 74    | Total Duration : 5 Hrs 58 Mins |   Text Based Lessons : 23    | PDF Downloads:    1   | PowerPoint Files : 20

Presenting numbers is an essential part of most business presentations. None of the courses, books or workshops on PowerPoint teach you how to visualize your number based slides. They usually stop at introducing you to basic chart tools.

That is why in Ramgopal’s PowerPoint Mastery Program, I have included a massive section to cover this area. This arguably will be the most comprehensive, creative and practical course on presenting numbers that you will ever find.

#9 : Custom Animations Mastery 

​No. of Videos : 115   | Total Duration : 12 Hrs 43 Mins |  Text Based Lessons :  23   |  PDF Downloads:   11  |  PowerPoint Files : 108 

The techniques for animation I teach you in this section are not taught in any books, courses or workshops. Even if you are a pro user with years of experience working with PowerPoint, you would find the techniques interesting and time saving. If you are a beginner, you will pick up the right habits to develop a compelling business slide.

Master any aspect of PowerPoint at your convenience...

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1 : Visual Slide Mastery Course (Value $299)

No. of Videos : 18     | Total Duration : 3 Hrs 58 Mins 

Text To Visuals

Go beyond PowerPoint with this comprehensive training course on our Neuro Slide Design Process. 
Learn the step by step process, with examples and exercises on how to convert your presentations into visual slides.

2: 16 PowerPoint Time Savers & Best Practices (Value $99)

No. of Videos :  10|Total Duration : 1 Hr 05 Mins  | Text Lessons : 17

This course is a collection of 4 Mini Courses  on 4 Productivity habits, Mastering Quick Access Toolbar, 7 useful tips to save time in Slide Creation and 7 Simple Ideas to improve Slide Design.

Time Savers
3: 4 Mini Courses (Value $199)

No. of Videos :  18 |Total Duration : 1 Hr 45 Mins  | Text Lessons : 5 | PowerPoint Files : 10 

Useful Slide Types

These are 4 Mini-Courses on Smart way to create an outline and convert them to slides, How to Present your slides like a PRO, 5 Things You can Do in 5 Minutes to Make your slides Professional and Learn 10 different new slides types ( Agenda to Contact Us Slides.)

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What you will get when you sign up

Contents: Step-by-Step screencast Videos, Text lessons, PDF Instruction & PPTX Work File Downloads accessible on our training website- PrezoTraining.com

Setting : Online/ Virtual

Level : Beginner to Advanced

Version: Tutorials are recorded in PowerPoint 2013 & 2016.
Can be followed in other PowerPoint versions.

About Us

This site is set up by Arte and Ramgopal. That’s us right here.

Arte & I worked in different companies for 10+ years before starting up on our own  - way back in April 2007. We do one thing & we strive to do it better than anyone else :

We help you present your ideas better

We bring a rare combination of four vital skills to help you learn the very best in creating business presentations...
1. We have a rich and focused experience in corporate and business worlds. This helps us understand your challenges better.

2. Our PowerPoint skills are quite refined. We've trained trainers and managers in presentation skills and created mission critical presentations for clients under tight deadlines.

3. Our design skills are well recognized. We've created over 6000 PowerPoint templates that are used by customers over 230 countries.

4. We have a strong process orientation. This helps us teach you every small step in the process of creating business presentations in a clear and consistent manner.

I take this opportunity to thank you for taking your time to visit this site and learn about us. I'll catch up with you on the inside of the training program...




Ramgopal & Arte


Winner of the Presentation Horror Story Contest on Slideshare in 2010.





What I like: Tips, tricks and hacks that are not available in any PPT course or training program.The training has helped me: To be more efficient and professional.Thank you for this course, I have been looking for a long time for this type of PPT course.
Azlan Mohd. Z
Education Industry

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 What Customers are saying about this training: 

Here are what others who purchased this training program are saying:
I want to thank you for your amazing PowerPoint Mastery Program. I’m just beginning to design online training classes to teach compulsive spenders how to develop and maintain a spending plan, and I was lost as to how to design, develop, and incorporate high quality and entertaining PowerPoint slides into the training videos.

Probably my primary reason for taking your course was to learn how to animate slides since I wasn’t happy with the done-for-you software options (like Videoscribe). I had tried them all, and found them too restrictive, expensive, and they didn’t really do what I wanted.

But in just a few short months of studying your course, I completed my first 15 minute training video:

The first three minutes are all PowerPoint with an animated title slide with sound effects! 

As for the PowerPoint Mastery Program, your presentation skills are stellar. The videos are just the right length to give me just what I need without any fluff. Plus, I was able to learn a lot just from watching how you created these videos. You also did a great job keeping techniques from being overwhelming. You showed AND explained every single step, unlike other teachers who move so fast it’s impossible to follow.

I’m sure my video looks pretty rudimentary to an expert, but for my first time, I’m amazed at all I accomplished. I loved being able to incorporate sound effects and was thrilled to have a template on which to base my opening slide. That’s another wonderful aspect to the training. You provide work files so I can practice and have the components to use in my own videos ongoing.

I jus
t can’t say enough about how much you helped me. I’m truly grateful that, because of your training, I can now make much higher quality videos to help my students.​

Susan B. www.icantstopspending.com
Ramgopal has for sure figured out the way to get those interested in PowerPoint, to find him.
I appreciated his generosity in sharing all the free PowerPoint material on YouTube. I had reviewed many videos there.
I kept going back and kept learning things I had never seen done in PowerPoint. Then I wanted it all, so I signed up for the Mastery Program. Loved it.

The Training is nothing like anything I had participated in before.
It's just so easy to review the videos on one screen and have PowerPoint open in another screen.
At times I felt so foolish that I had not explored PowerPoint over the years to know of tools and methods that have existed in many versions of the software.

It's a remarkable experience to be trained ON the program (PowerPoint) you're trying to learn, BY the same program. The materials and tutorials just keep proving themselves as you go alone. Which just reconfirms you're learning a great program and doing it in the most effective way.

Craig  C.    Software Consultant/CRM

Ram has unknowingly become a mentor in how to give an effective presentation. His presentation skills are top tier and to be emulated. I have applied those lessons to my own presentations, which has translated to much smoother shows and that helps the audience learn more about my subject matter. 
William Crisp, SAIC
Excellent coverage of the concepts and features within Powerpoint. The segments for working with each function covered are grouped together and many are accompanied by worksheets and cheatsheets.

I've also learned some key aspects of slide presentations that can help me avoid viewer distraction, color distraction, and how to use certain techniques to enhance the slides.  

Bill Green, W.O. Green Corporate Services LLC

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