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Grow Shrink Animation Effect in PowerPoint

In this PowerPoint Tutorial, you’ll find how to create Grow Shrink Animation Effect – in a creative way.
You will learn to use an animation option that is not very well known.

Click Play to watch the PowerPoint Tutorial Video below:

You can find out more about the PowerPoint Mastery program mentioned in the video here >>

The grow shrink animation is useful to focus audience attention to one point out of many or any specific part of the slide

To create this effect:

– Start by having a circle with a text box on top of the circle
– Apply grow shrink animation to the circle
– Decrease the animation duration significantly
– Use the auto reverse feature in animation effect. This is not a very well known feature and with this tutorial, you’ll find out how this works.
– Apply the animation effect to other shapes in the slide

There are some additional variations of this effect as well shared in the video.

Hope you find the animations simple and easy to use in your presentation!