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GIF Animation effect in PowerPoint

Learn how to create GIF Animation effect in PowerPoint.

Click Play to watch the PowerPoint Tutorial Video below:

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Animated GIFs are commonly used in websites and as part of motion graphics software to call attention to something.
You can do the same in PowerPoint.

Here is how to create the animated GIF effect:
– Start with the slide and object to which you want to draw the viewers attention
– Add an arrow shape that will get animated to create the effect
– You can play with the Yellow handle to change the shape of the arrow and change fill color to customize it
– Add Lines motion path animation
– Adjust the length of animation
– Reduce the duration of animation
– In the Animation Effect options, use Auto Reverse and repeat the animation till end of slide.
It is that simple to create this animation!

Hope you find the animations simple and easy to use in your presentation!