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How to create a Shiny Ball Effect in PowerPoint

Learn how to create a shiny ball effect in PowerPoint 2013 or 2016.
In this tutorial we use the gradient stops and transparency features of PowerPoint extensively.

Click Play to watch the PowerPoint Tutorial Video below:

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The glossy ball is a very useful element to have. You can use it easily to create different types of PowerPoint diagrams like timelines, roadmaps, relationship diagrams and more.

The diagram is created as follows:

– Add a Circle that we will use to create the Glossy ball
– Work with Gradient Fill option to fill the ball with colors from almost white to a dark red.
– This gradient fill gives it the effect of being a 3D ball
– Next we add a smaller circle
– We add transparency to the circle and use gradient fill, to create a sheen effect
– Add another circle and add the text 8 to create the effect of a pool ball.
– You can add a shadow by adding another circle and using gradient fill and transparency options again.

Hope you find the animations simple and easy to use in your presentation!