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PowerPoint Tutorial for Color Switch Animation

In this video you will learn how to create a beautiful Color switch animation effect in PowerPoint.

Click Play to watch the PowerPoint Tutorial Video below:

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You can use this PowerPoint animation effect to show different ideas like
– Switching on a light
– The effect of change ( before and after)
– The idea of selection among different options
– Getting a bright idea and more.

To start creating this PowerPoint effect you need, you will need:

– Image of a hand pointing.
This image should have a transparent background.

You can create this useful effect by following these steps:

– Add the hand image to the slide
– Add a circle to act as the base color or button
– Add another circle with yellow color fill and glow effect to show the idea of ON or changed color.
– Apply animation effect for the glowing circle to enter the slide
– Apply animation effect to the hand image to show the idea of click
– Ensure that the animation sequence is correct by editing in the Animation Pane
– Add a sound effect to the last animation

Hope you find the animations simple and easy to use in your presentation!