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How to Draw Blooms taxonomy in PowerPoint

In this video, you will learn how to create Blooms Taxonomy model in PowerPoint.
It is a common training model used for training evaluation.

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– Start with Inserting a SmartArt Shape called Pyramid
– The default pyramid has 3 stages
– Add 3 more tiers to the pyramid shape
– Convert the SmartArt to Shape
– Ungroup the shape
– Add Fill color to each stage of the pyramid
– This makes your graphic look fresh rather than a default SmartArt Graphic
– Label each of the stages using Text boxes

To animate this model:

– Group each combination of text and pyramid stage
– Select all of the groups and add Wipe entrance animation
– Change the direction of animation and set each animation to happen On Click.

This completes the graphic.

Hope you found this tutorial useful!