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How to Create ADDIE Model in PowerPoint

Learn to create the useful ADDIE model in PowerPoint. This is a useful model if you are into instructional design.

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The ADDIE model has 5 stages- Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, Evaluation.

The model we will create contains 5 circular arrows.
To create this model, we will use the following tools:

– Add a Segmented Cycle from SmartArt
– Increase the number of segments to 5
– Change the color to a colorful one to make each arrow distinct
– In Design Tab – Convert the SmartArt to Shapes
– Ungroup the graphic
– Remove the pie shapes segments
– Group the circular arrows
– Drag from corner rectangle to increase size
– Ungroup the arrows and add the text explanation to the ADDIE model.
– Group the combination of arrow and its explanation
– Add entrance animation to each grouped set

Hope you found this tutorial useful!