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Black or White : What Slide Background Color Should I Use?

Back or White Slide Background Color
Black or White Slide Background Color
Back or White Slide Background Color

Here is a question we received recently from one of our regular readers regarding which Slide Background Color to use:


I need your advice.
I always keep my PowerPoint Slide background color in BLACK and the text is in white and am comfortable with them.
But almost all your presentations that appear in your tutorials do have a white background and black letters.
Some of the techniques that I learned from your tutorials work O.K. only with white background and black letters and not vice versa.
Please advice on the background color & font color selection


Thank you for this interesting question!
As such, the slide background color choice is up to you.
We use white because it has many benefits:
1) It is the least distracting and helps show up any image, graph or graphic clearly.
2) It is easy to find images with white backgrounds. These are called isolated images and look better without clutter in the background.
3) When projecting the slides in darker rooms, the white adds some light in the room.
Black/dark background is usually recommended since it makes it easier to read the text. So if the side is text-heavy that may be a good option.
However, as we are trying to make the slides as visual as possible, this is not a consideration.

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