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Why is Narration Cut Off during Slide Transition?

Here is a question we received recently from one of our regular readers regarding PowerPoint Narration Feature:

I’ve been having this problem for many years with narration feature. When I use it and then play back the presentation in Slide Show View, my sound is cut off for a second (or less?) while I transition to the next slide.

This happens even though I use the default slide transition of “no transition” (i.e. each slide immediately advances to the next slide). Have you heard of this issue?

One person told me that my computer must not be powerful enough, but for over 10 years I have only gotten high-end laptops. When I first got my laptop so it was quite empty, I gave it a try and encountered the same problem.

I would be most grateful if you know of a solution or could direct me to someone else who does.


To answer the question you have about ‘Narration lost during slide transitions’ – here is an important fact you may want to know:

PowerPoint always cuts off your narration during the transition from one slide to the next, whether you apply any transition effect or not.

That is why it is essential to finish your narration for the slide ‘before’ you hit ‘page down’ or ‘enter’. This is an issue with PowerPoint narration.

There is another glitch in PowerPoint that causes issues with Narration.

The software introduces a small delay while synchronizing your narration with the clicking of your mouse. That is why you would find that your narration doesn’t match with your slides in presentations longer than 8 or 10 slides.

A simple workaround is:
Break down your presentation into chunks of 8 to 10 slides and complete the narration.
You can stitch all the videos together later.

A more long term workaround is:

I suggest you try a good screen recording software.

You may want to try Screencastomatic

You can try it for free. Their yearly subscription is quite inexpensive. The software works quite well.

This should resolve the issue of PowerPoint Narration getting cut off during slide transition.

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