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What Your Audience Is Secretly Thinking When Looking At Your PowerPoint Slides

What Your Slide Design Reveals About You

What Your Slide Design Reveals About YouDoes your PowerPoint slide design really matter?

Yes it does because…

Your audience can judge your character based on how you design your PowerPoint slides.

Yes. They can tell whether you are a self-centered jerk or a caring leader based on how your slides look.

Surprised? Let me explain…

The 2 Types of Slide Design

Broadly, PowerPoint slides for a boardroom (or training room) are designed in one of two ways.

They are either text based or visuals based.

A text based slide looks like this:

Text Filled Slide Design

A visual slide conveys the same information like this:

Visual Slide Design

Can you see the difference? It is not in the design theme or colors used…

Now, let us take a moment to see what each of these styles tell about the presenter:

A text based slide shows the presenter is selfish:

There are mainly two reasons why most presenters create primarily text based slides for their business presentations:

  1. They want their slides to serve as teleprompters, so they can read their speech or
  2. They use their slides as reference notes, so they can remember the key points to talk about

If you observe closely, in either case, their slides serve only their own purpose. They don’t help the audience to understand the information any better.

So, what do you think their audience thinks about them? How do you think it impacts their business?

On the other hand…

A visual slide shows that you care for your audience:

There is only one reason why you would create visual slides for your business presentation.

You want to help your audience understand your message clearly.

What Slide Design Reveals About Presenter

Yes. It takes considerably more effort to create visual slides.

It takes more effort to remember the notes that accompany those visuals.

It takes practice to get your delivery right. It is definitely not the lazy person’s way to create a presentation.

But then, when you make a visual presentation, you show that you care for your audience.

A good visual presentation elevates your status in the eyes of your audience as a caring leader. Your audience engages with you better and they’d be more willing to do business with you.

Visual Slide Design Shows You Care

Now, the question is – how do you convert your text based slides into visual presentations quickly?

You have two options to create more visual slide design:

  1. You can browse around the net and look for inspiration. You can analyze examples of successful business presentations, and see how those presenters used simple visuals to get their message across.
    It usually is a long drawn process, with no guaranteed results. The other option is…
  1. You can learn a simple 4 step process to convert your text-based slides into clear visuals – by going through the Visual Slides Mastery course in our Ramgopal’s PowerPoint Mastery Program.

The 4 step process I teach in the program is simple enough for a complete beginner to convert any text-based slides into clear and memorable visual slides in a matter of minutes.

At the same time, the process is based on learning from the latest brain research. So, you can be sure about your results.

You can know more about Ramgopal’s PowerPoint Mastery Program by clicking on this link.

Whether you learn it from me, or from somewhere else, make sure that your slides are visual and they serve your audience more than they serve you. You will definitely see the positive impact on your business.

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