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Tutorial for Animated Concepts in PowerPoint (Part 1 of 3)

Learn to create Animated Concepts in PowerPoint with this easy to follow tutorial. The concept we will create in this video is steps to a goal.

The animation is as follows:

– There is a reality and a dream or goal
– The animation shows the steps taken to reach the dream situation from the reality.
– You can add as many steps as you like in this animation

This animation uses the metaphor of walking on sand and is created as follows:

– Download a footprint vector graphic from any public domain website online
– Duplicate the footprint graphic
– Crop the footprints so that each foot is a separate graphic
– Draw circle shapes to represent Reality and Dream
– Rotate the foot graphic so they are in the right direction
– Add text explanation to each of the foot graphic
– Select the foot graphic and its associated text and group them.
– Animate each group with Fade animation, On Click
– Duplicate the pairs of foot to create additional steps

That’s it! Your animated slide is ready!

Hope you found this tutorial useful!