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Animated Concept in PowerPoint Showing Target ( Part 2 of 3)

In this video you will learn to create an Animated Concept in PowerPoint of 3D arrows hitting a target graphic.

Click play to watch the video below

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In this video you will find the animated concept of arrows reaching the target.

The animation effect looks like this:

There is a circular 3D Target Graphic on the slide
There is an arrow with related text showing target achievement.

This video is brought to you by Ramgopal from PrezoTraining.com

To create the Target Graphic:
– We will first add a Stacked Venn Diagram from SmartArt Tool
– Add an additional circle to the diagram for 5 circles
– Convert the SmartArt to Shapes
– Ungroup the circle shapes
– Align the shapes to center so that it looks more a target
– Add alternating Red and White color fill
– Group all the circles
– For the 3D Effect, add a Preset style as Perspective Contrasting Left. Add some Y Rotation and Depth to complete the graphic.

To create the arrows with text:
– The arrow is composed of 3 shapes
– Rounded Rectangle
– Chevron Shape for the head of the arrow
– Duplicate the Chevron for the tail of the arrow
– For the Chevron at the arrow head, right click Edit points and remove 2 of the points to create a proper arrow.
– Group the 3 shapes for the arrow
– Add a text box with the explanation
– Group the arrow and associated text
– Add animation to the group and add Fly In Effect, From Left.
– Add Bounce in the End effect to the animation.

That’s it! Your animated slide is ready!

Hope you found this tutorial useful!