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Better way to Design PowerPoint slides with Testimonials

Present Customer Testimonials

Present Customer Testimonials
Testimonials are pretty much an integral part of any pitch presentation. However many business presenters present customer testimonials slide wrong. In this article, I wish to suggest a few ways you can improve your PowerPoint slides that bear testimonials.

The issue with usual testimonial slides:

The usual testimonial slide looks like this:

There is a quote by the customer followed by the name of the customer.

The problem with such testimonial slides is – they are not believable.

So, what can you do to improve the credibility of your testimonial slides?

What Type of Testimonial Slides Are Credible?

Here is the hierarchy of believability of testimonial slides:

  1. A slide with video testimonial is considered very credible
  2. A slide with audio testimonial with a picture and a few details of the person giving the testimonial – like the Name and the organization comes next
  3. A slide with a quote of the testimonial along with a picture and a few details of the person giving the testimonial is seen as acceptable

Here is an infographic capturing the hierarchy:

Testimonial Credibility

Pictures of people, their voice and their video boost the credibility of your slides. So, where possible – try to include them in your testimonial slides.

What if you can’t get hold of any of those credibility boosters to prop up your testimonial slides?

Creative Ideas for Presenting Testimonials

You borrow the credibility from well-known platforms.

# 1 Facebook Comments

You can use a screenshot of comments from your company’s Facebook account like this:

Using Facebook TesimonialsIn the slide above, I have highlighted a specific comment by one of our readers at Presentation-Process.com.

Notice the following credibility boosters that come with the Facebook platform:

  1. You get to see the photo of the person who commented
  2. In some cases – you get some additional details like where the person works
  3. You can see the date and time stamp of the comment

There is a high chance that such slides are trusted more by the audience than the slides with just a customer quote and name.

# 2 Youtube Comments

You can use a screenshot of YouTube comments from your company’s YouTube channel. Take a look at the following slide where we used comments from YouTube for our Presentation-Process.com channel:

Using Youtube TesimonialsYou can also use screenshots from popular social media channels like Twitter or LinkedIn.

Gathering And Presenting Testimonials

With the advent of high quality cameras and audio recorders available right inside your cell phone these days, it is far easier to gather customer testimonials to use in your business presentations.

You can also use these same ideas if you’d like to gather student feedback for a training.

The key is to keep your eyes, ears and mind open for such opportunities all the time.

I hope you got a few actionable ideas from this article.

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  3. How to trigger custom animation based on the added bookmarks, so a written text of the quote can pop up just at a specific point along with the video or audio

…and so much more.

I teach you how to convert your text-based slides to clear and memorable visual slides. How to design your slides, so your message is conveyed with the most impact. How to use purposeful custom animation to sequentially reveal your concepts to keep your customers engaged throughout your presentation and so much more.

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