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5 Ways to Spice Up Your Quotes in PowerPoint Slides

PowerPoint Slides With Quotes

PowerPoint Slides With Quotes
PowerPoint slides with quotes are part of most presentations. A typical slide with a quote looks like this:

Typical Quote in Slides

The plain design of the slide allows the audience to go through the quote without any distractions. But it can be presented more powerfully. The slide design can be improved slightly without taking the attention away from the quote.

Improving PowerPoint Quote Slide

To make improvements to the slide design, we need to first decide on a specific aspect of the quote to focus on. Based on that we can present the quote in different ways. Here are 5 ideas to present quotes:

#1 Focus on the words in the quote

If you want to focus on the words in the quote, you may choose a design like this for your quote:

Creative Quote Slide Idea#2 Focus on the feeling

If you want to focus on the feeling behind the quote, you can amplify that by choosing a relevant photo in the background like this:

Creative Quote Slide With Photo

#3 Show the person quoted

If you want to focus on the person who said the words, you can choose to insert the picture of the person in the background like this:

Slide With Quote and PersonPhoto By Lijesh K – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, 

#4 Highlight the person quoted

If you want to bring even more focus to the person, you can add an interesting design element around the picture like this:

Slide With Quote and Person Highlighted

#5 Add drama to the slide background

Another way to spice up the slide is to create a pattern background behind the photo like this:

Quote Slide With Background Pattern

No matter what style you choose, it is a good idea to have a certain point of focus for your quote based slides. It makes it easy for you to make your design decisions.

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