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Creative Title Slide Design for PowerPoint

Title slides are the first thing your audience sees. So it is important to set the expectation. However, you don’t want to spend hours designing the slide!
In this video tutorial, you will find a creative way to design a title slide in PowerPoint.

You can use this creative Title Slide Design to create a custom slide for any type of presentation.
The creative presentation idea for trainers is brought to you by Ramgopal from PrezoTraining.com

Click PLAY to watch the video tutorial below:

What you will learn in this PowerPoint Tutorial:

– Adding auto shapes to slides
– Merging autoshapes in PowerPoint
– Shortcut to duplicate shapes
– Shortcut to group objects on the slide
– Fill Shape with Picture


Steps to create the Title Slide Design:

Step 1: Create the basic design with shapes

From Autoshapes menu, add the Rectangle shape. Hold down the shift key to create a square with equal length on all sides.

Create a duplicate of this shape by using the Ctrl + D shortcut. Place the new shape adjacent to it.

Create a duplicate of the shape and place it close to the previous shape, so they seem like one shape.
Remove the shape outlines.
Next, select the shapes 2 and 3 and merge them by going to Format > Merge Shapes > Union option.
So now we have 1 square and 1 rectangle shape. Duplicate the squares and rectangles to create any kind of interesting pattern.

You can also rotate the rectangle by using Arrange > Rotate > Rotate Left option.

Once you are done, use the Align and Distribute options to ensure that the shapes are evenly spaced. Finally, select all the elements ( using mouse of Ctrl + A shortcut) and group them ( Ctrl + G shortcut)

Step 2 : Select and Add picture

Right click on the grouped pattern you just created. Go to Format Shape > Picture or Texture Fill option and Browse File and select the picture you would like to use in your title slide.
You will see that the picture gets inserted completely across the grouped shape.

This is one of the useful features of PowerPoint. When you fill a picture in a grouped shape, the picture fills right across the group.

Step 3: Complete creating the title slide
Now complete the creation of the title slide by adding the title. You can also add any additional information you want to display in your slide.
To add a slide background, use right click on the slide, go to Format Background > Color fill option to fill a color or a gradient. This fills the slide background.

Your creative title slide is ready!