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One click to make your PowerPoint Pictures Unique

Picture Shape Trick

Learn how to quickly change your pictures into interesting shapes and see examples of how to use them…

What is the usual shape of a picture on a PowerPoint slide?

Rectangle. Right?

That is why, when you add a rectangular photo on a slide, it doesn’t get much attention.

But, the moment you tweak the shape of the photo slightly, your picture begins to draw attention. Take a look at these two examples:

Example of Interesting Picture Shape
When you start including such stylish shapes to your slides, your deck begins to look unique and interesting.

Creative slides with interesting picture shapes

Take a look at this beautiful title slide which uses a photo in the shape of a parallelogram:

Title Slide With Creative Picture Shape
Stunning. Isn’t it? That is the power of these stylish shapes.

You can use these shapes to make your content slides look interesting too. Here is proof:

Interesting Slide with Picture
When your photos look stylish, your slide layouts begin to look attractive.

Take a look at this:

Interesting Slide Layout With Pictures

Imagine these layouts with the same old boring rectangular photos.

The slides may never have been this eye-catching. Now, the question is –

How do you change the shape of your photos in PowerPoint?

The technique is surprisingly simple.

Select a picture. Go to the ‘Format’ tab in PowerPoint ribbon. On the far right, inside the ‘Size’ group you will find the ‘Crop’ tool as shown in the screenshot below. Click on the small arrow at the bottom of the button to open up a drop down menu. Then, click on ‘Crop to shape’ option. Now, choose the shape in which you want to crop the photo.

Steps to Crop Photo In PowerPoint
If you select ‘Parallelogram’ shape under ‘Basic shapes’, your photo gets cropped to the ‘Parallelogram’ shape.

The best part is – when you click on the cropped photo, it has yellow handles as shown below:

Yellow Handles To Adjust Picture Shape
You can adjust the angles of the shape to suit your specific requirements, by moving the yellow handles.

You can crop your pictures in any shape you see in the auto shapes menu.

Why don’t try cropping one of your photos in PowerPoint, to see how the technique works?

You’ll be surprised by the results.

Did you like the trick?

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