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Creative Team Introduction Slide Tutorial in PowerPoint

In this video tutorial you will find how to create an animated team introduction slide.

The team introduction slide uses hand animation i.e. animation of hand bringing in a picture with its associated explanation. You can use this to present your organization chart, hierarchy or introduce your team members in a creative way.

The tutorial starts with 3 components:

1. Graphic of hand
2. Picture of team member
3. Text describing the team member

Click PLAY to watch the video tutorial below:

The animation tools used in this tutorial include:

1. Adding Fly In animation to multiple objects at the same time
2. Change the direction of animation to suit your needs
3. Adding a second animation to an object
4. Adding Exit animation to a picture
5. Scheduling the animation by working on Start animation type
6. Adding Float in animation to text box
7. Things to keep in mind about animation duration when multiple items are animated.
8. How to look at the animation pane and understand the animations applied.
9. How to preview animations
10. How to easily duplicate animations

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