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5 Easy Ways to Customize Your Fresh PowerPoint Templates

You don’t need to be limited by the type of templates already created. You can easily customize them to suit your presentation. Here are 5 different ways in which you can customize your templates.

#1 Custom Shape Colors

When you insert a template into your presentation, it picks up the colors in your presentation color theme. However, you don’t need to be limited by this. You can change the colors the way you like.

For example, this is the original template showing a list of 4 items:

You can change the colors of the list of items. To do this, click on the shape, and go over to Shape Format > Shape Fill option in your menu.

Here is how the same list of items now looks in a different design theme, with custom fill colors:

#2 Custom Picture Fill

Templates usually have dummy text and placeholder images. You can go beyond the placeholder images and customize them to exactly suit the needs of your presentation.
Here is a title slide with a placeholder image:

You can use the the Shape Format > Shape Fill > Picture option to replace the image:

Here is what the same templates look like with changed fill colors and image:
Doesn’t this look like a title slide custom created for a presentation?

Note: This method of replacing images also ensures that any animated linked with the image is not lost.

#3 Change shape option

Another way to get creative with the templates is to change the shapes. Here is a process slide for example, that has spherical links.

In just a few seconds, you can change the sphere to cube! Here is how…
Select the spheres and go over to Format> Edit Shape > Change Shape and select a Cube shape.

Here is the what the same process template looks after changing shape ( and fill color):
Isn’t that interesting?

#4 Add More Elements

Here is an example of a timeline template with 7 periods of time shown:

The number of time periods covered can be easily increased. Here is the same template with 10 time periods

All it takes is to copy and paste selected elements from the template:

#5 Create Your Own Templates

All the elements in the templates are fully editable. So it is possible to pick up elements from different templates and create your own custom slide, that is completely different.
For example, these are 2 different templates:
A timeline template…
and a picture slide…
With the elements copied from these 2 templates, you can create this slide:

So go ahead, play with the elements, colors and shapes in your templates to create completely custom presentation slides!


About the PowerPoint Templates Used In This Article

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