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Gamify Your Classroom with Creative PowerPoint Quizzes : Online Training

Make Even The Dullest Topic Fun & Engage The Most Distracted Learner 

Gamify Your Classroom With Creative PowerPoint Quizzes (Learn Trigger Animations)
Online PowerPoint Training Videos

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About Gamify Your Classroom Course

Why This Course

As a trainer, you already know how important it is to test the understanding of your participants.

It’s not just for them to understand where the gaps in learning are…but for you to know where your teaching hasn’t been clear and lucid.

But then, ‘testing the understanding’ is always an uncomfortable task both for you and the participants.

     What if you could turn these ‘tests’ into fun events?

     What if you could conduct Quiz shows in your classroom?

Yes. Quizzes can be super fun and exciting.

There are full fledged TV shows that run entirely on quiz formats.

A good quiz has the ability to convert learning into fun.

It can infuse elements like teamwork, sharing and winning into the learning process.

This course allows you to bring the excitement and fun of those popular TV shows right inside your classroom.

You would be able to create fun quizzes that your participants can’t wait to play.

While they focus on winning the game, ‘learning’ happens automatically in the background.

What’s more - the learning stays in the minds of your audience for a long time. So quizzes are not just a great way to increase engagement. They are a great way to enhance retention and therefore, improve performance in tests.

Not many trainers know that you can create some truly creative and interesting quizzes right inside PowerPoint.

This course aims to teach you just that. By the time you finish the course, you would be able to create really interesting quiz shows quickly and easily.

You will learn all the tricks and techniques that make it happen.

So are you charged up to learn how to create fun quizzes in PowerPoint?

Here are some of the reasons to follow this training program: 

  • Create assets for classroom training
  • Learn the skills to create different types of quiz with PowerPoint
  • Get skills you can use for other aspects of creating presentations.
    E.g. The same skills taught in this program can be used to create navigation menus and self-running presentations.

You will get full lifetime access for a one-time free.

I am excited to take you on the journey. Let’s jump right in.

What This Course Covers

  • Create easy multiple choice quiz set
  • Add navigation menu for quiz with multiple sections
  • How to create picture quiz for summary & revision
  • How to create engaging picture and description quiz
  • How to show additional information on Mouse Hover
  • Create a quiz to revise Acronyms
  • Add drama with sound effects to indicate correct/wrong answers
  • Resources: Where to find more sound effects for free - without worrying about copyright infringement
  • How to set up navigation across slides with hyperlinks & buttons
  • How to create a fun countdown timer to add pressure

What You Will Get



Skill Level


Training Type:

Software Needed:

8 Videos  [61 Mins]   + 3 Articles

5 PowerPoint Exercise Files, 2 PDF Files

Basic- Intermediate


Online, Lifetime Access

Any recent PowerPoint version

Requirements To Access Training

A Computer, Tablet or Mobile with browser & internet access.

Windows or Mac.

Who is the Target Audience?

  • Trainers and eLearning developers keen to engage their audience
  • Acadamicians  who want to add element of fun & increase retention

Preview of the quizzes

Complete Multiple Choice Quiz Set

Detailed Quiz With Multiple Categories

Quiz About Picture

Flip On Hover Interactive Quiz

Picture Puzzle Quiz

Acronyms Review

Count Down Timers

Adding Sound & Professional Navigation

Creative Hyperlinks With Image, Text, Buttons

About The Instructor

Hi, I am Ramgopal...

Co-owner of PrezoTraining, Presentation-Process.com and All-PPT-Templates.com 

All my websites specialize in PowerPoint and Presentation skills. My work has been featured on:

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