Stuck with boring and text-heavy slides in your presentations?
Discover the simple 4 Step Process to makeover any text into Easy to follow Visuals matter how complex your subject is

Neuro Slide Design Mastery Training: From Text to Visuals in 4 Steps

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Every trick, technique and process you’ll ever need to create clear and visual slides, that you can’t wait to show off - even if you are a beginner in PowerPoint...

The Program Contains:



Access to Step-by-Step Screencast videos to help you follow along easily



Deep & Comprehensive videos to ensure you have everything you need to excel in presenting Data



Online virtual access to your program anywhere and at any time, as many times as you need at your convenience.



My experience in Sales, Coaching, Business & Training - where I have worked extensively with PowerPoint

Don't get stuck with piecemeal or impractical training!
Discover the simple 4 step process to make any block of text into visuals
Based on workshops we have conducted for Senior Managers & Trainers. 

What You'll Master in Neuro Slide Design Course

  • Go beyond PowerPoint with this comprehensive training course. 
  • 4 step Neuro Slide Design Process to get from text to visuals
  • How to use simple sketches to represent ideas
  • Creative ways to visualize your ideas using analogies & metaphors
  • Exercises to help you practice slide visualization
About Us

This site is set up by Arte and Ramgopal. That’s us right here.

Arte & I worked in different companies for 10+ years before starting up on our own  - way back in April 2007. We do one thing & we strive to do it better than anyone else :

We help you present your ideas better

We bring a rare combination of four vital skills to help you learn the very best in creating business presentations...
1. We have a rich and focused experience in corporate and business worlds. This helps us understand your challenges better.

2. Our PowerPoint skills are quite refined. We've trained trainers and managers in presentation skills and created mission critical presentations for clients under tight deadlines.

3. Our design skills are well recognized. We've created over 6000 PowerPoint templates that are used by customers over 230 countries.

4. We have a strong process orientation. This helps us teach you every small step in the process of creating business presentations in a clear and consistent manner.

I take this opportunity to thank you for taking your time to visit this site and learn about us. I'll catch up with you on the inside of the training program...




Ramgopal & Arte


Winner of the Presentation Horror Story Contest on Slideshare in 2010.


What People Have Said About My Tutorials...

This couple does a tremendous job and their products are second to none in stand out 3D graphics. I purchased what I thought was “3D” graphics from Amazon from some other company and it was nothing more than boring glorified SmartArt in a one dull color. A 5 year old could have drawn those graphics. Never make that mistake. PrezoTraining’s 3D products stand out. Great job guys!...Dugan Fry

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Contents: Step-by-Step screencast Videos, and exercises & examples to work with. 

Setting : Online/ Virtual

Level : Beginner to Advanced

Version: These are presentation skills that can be followed by any presenter. It is not related to  any presentation software. 

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