PowerPoint Mastery Program

The MOST Comprehensive and Creative PowerPoint Training Program Online - for Business Presentations

Details of the 9 Key Mastery Sections

#1 : PowerPoint Set Up Mastery 
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Lay a strong foundation with these PowerPoint basics .

  • Get oriented to PowerPoint​ & its terminology
  • Get comfortable with adding slides
  • Easily add different elements to design a slide 
  • Saving time like a PowerPoint PRO with lesser known PowerPoint features

​No. of Videos : 63     | Total Duration : 3 Hrs 50 Mins  |    Text Based Lessons : 15       |    PDF Downloads:    2      

#2 : PowerPoint Slide Design Mastery 
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Master everything you need to design professional slides that can impress your audience. 

Control the look and feel of your slide with Slide Master Tools. 

Work with design elements like Fonts and Color.

Get creative ways to use themes in PowerPoint to make your slides standout.​

​No. of Videos : 63     | Total Duration : 3 Hrs 50 Mins  |    Text Based Lessons : 15       |    PDF Downloads:    2      

#3 : PowerPoint Graphic Tools Mastery 
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Master Text Tools, Autoshapes, Line Tools, Group Tools, Colors & other Tools for creating more visual slides. 

Learn the tools in PowerPoint that PROs use to get the professional finish. 

​No. of Videos : 51    | Total Duration : 4 Hrs 55 Mins |   Text Based Lessons : 55  |    PDF Downloads:    7   | PowerPoint Files : 18 

#4 : PowerPoint Pictures Mastery 
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Learn creative ways to showcase your products, events or team pictures in your slides. 

PowerPoint has a number of features for manipulating pictures that many presenters are not aware of.

It can replace advanced photo editing software like Photoshop in many cases.

Learn how to format and present your pictures - creatively.​

​No. of Videos : 58    | Total Duration : 4 Hrs 55 Mins | Text Based Lessons : 21   |    PDF Downloads:    2    | PowerPoint Files : 33 

#5 : Slide Layouts Mastery 
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It is time to create professional looking slide layouts to place content on our slides.

Learn to create 25 different easy slides from Title slide, agenda, timeline, circle diagram, data slide ....to thank you slide.​

Get mini-training on how to creatively replace your bullet point slides and lists. ​

​No. of Videos : 54     | Total Duration : 5 Hrs 31 Mins |   Text Based Lessons : -     |    PDF Downloads:    29   | PowerPoint Files : 38 

#6 : SmartArt Mastery 
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Master SmartArt by understanding the tool deeply and overcome the inherent limitations of this tool. 

SmartArt has a lot of hidden potential that presenters are not aware of. By itself it has a limited number of graphics and it difficult to manipulate and animate.

With the tips and tricks you will learn in this section, you can go beyond the limitations of SmartArt and use the tool creatively.​

​No. of Videos : 19    | Total Duration : 1 Hrs 56 Mins |  Text Based Lessons : 2    |    PDF Downloads:    -   | PowerPoint Files : -

#7 : 2D and 3D Diagrams & Effects Mastery 
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If you want true freedom to create any graphic of your choice, you need to know how to work with 2D and 3D tools of PowerPoint. In this section, you will hone your graphic creation skills by creating a number of such graphics and effects from scratch.

The techniques you pick up will help you extend the idea to create any graphic of your choice.This section is quite comprehensive and the lessons are organized to ensure that there is a progressive level of complexity in the diagrams created.

​No. of Videos : 129  | Total Duration : 13 Hrs 50 Mins |   Text Based Lessons :  1   | PDF Downloads:    29   | PowerPoint Files : 130 

#8 : Data-Driven Charts, Tables & Infographics Mastery 
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Presenting numbers is an essential part of most business presentations. None of the courses, books or workshops on PowerPoint teach you how to visualize your number based slides. They usually stop at introducing you to basic chart tools.

That is why in Ramgopal’s PowerPoint Mastery Program, I have included a massive section to cover this area. This arguably will be the most comprehensive, creative and practical course on presenting numbers that you will ever find.

​No. of Videos : 74    | Total Duration : 5 Hrs 58 Mins |   Text Based Lessons : 23    | PDF Downloads:    1   | PowerPoint Files : 20

#9 : Custom Animations Mastery 
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The techniques for animation I teach you in this section are not taught in any books, courses or workshops.

Even if you are a pro user with years of experience working with PowerPoint, you would find the techniques interesting and time saving.

If you are a beginner, you will pick up the right habits to develop a compelling business slide.

​No. of Videos : 115   | Total Duration : 12 Hrs 43 Mins |  Text Based Lessons :  23   |  PDF Downloads:   11  |  PowerPoint Files : 108 

Details of Bonus Section:
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  • Visual PowerPoint Mastery Course
    Convert your ideas into engaging and visual slide content with Neuro Slide Design 
  • 16 PowerPoint Time Savers & Best Practices
    4 Mini Courses on productivity habits that will save you time and frustration in using PowerPoint  
  • 4 Mini Courses
    How to present your ideas like a PRO, Convert outline into slides, 5 Things you can do in 5 minutes to make your slides professional and 10 PowerPoint Diagram Tutorials.

​No. of Videos : 46   | Total Duration : 6 Hrs 45 Mins |   Text Based Lessons : 22    |  PowerPoint Files : 10

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