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that captivate even the most distracted audience

Even if your subject is dry, complex & technical, your PowerPoint skills are a 'work in progress' & you're too busy chasing your pending deadlines

Today… it is harder than ever to get your participants to pay attention to your training presentation.

Distracted Audience

There are just too many distractions readily available!
pressure of deadlines and growing expectations from your audience doesn’t make your job any easier.
So, as a training professional, you have a real challenge on hand…

I am sure you’ve tried your best to spice up your slides by doing things like…

  • Adding fancy slide backgrounds
  • Using expensive stock photos or 3D stickfigures
  • Applying a bunch of random animations etc. 
Usual Boring List Slide

But they didn't give you the results you hoped for. Right?

So, you might have assumed that creating slick and engaging training slides requires expensive software, special skills or inborn talent.

But here is the REALITY…

PowerPoint is far more powerful and feature-rich than most trainers realize.
It is the only software you’ll ever need to grab and hold the attention of the most distracted audience. But...

You need to know how to use the software – the RIGHT WAY…

  • You need to design your slides the way your audience naturally prefers to learn
  • You need to pick the right visual tools to match your content
  • You need to use purposeful custom animation to convert your static slides into visual stories.

But…No workshop, blog, book or course will teach you these principles or techniques.

However, you can pick up the skills quite easily when you realize that...

Learning to create effective training slides is like learning to play a musical instrument...

Right Guidance for Training

All you need is:

  • The Right Guidance and
  • Consistent practice

You can’t get there by joining a crash course or using Google.

You need an ongoing MEMBERSHIP Program that guides you in the right direction and holds you by the hand every step of the way...

That is why we created...

Creative Trainers Club is an ongoing membership program that provides all the support and training you need to create engaging and creative training presentations using PowerPoint.

What is in the Creative Trainers Club?

Each week you will get a short focused lesson that contains...

1. Step by Step Video Tutorials on innovative PowerPoint Techniques

2. Printable PDF file with tutorial instructions

Each lesson won’t take you more than 20 minutes to go through.

The lessons are across these 4 categories: 

Week 1: PowerPoint How-Tos

Learn the inside tips, tricks and techniques of PowerPoint known only to seasoned designers who have years of experience working with PowerPoint.

Week 2: Graphic Design Creation

Create graphic elements like a Pro. Build Diagrams, frameworks, custom charts, Infographics and the works to make your slides sizzle.

Week 3: Visual Slide Makeovers

Learn the Visual design and Neuro science principles that help you design effective training slides

Week 4: Visual Storytelling with Animation

Transform your static slides into visual stories by using purposeful custom animation. From creative animation tricks to interactive games – learn everything you need to make your message stick in the minds of your participants.

PowerPoint Version

About the PowerPoint Version used in the tutorials:

All videos are recorded in either PowerPoint 2013 or 2016 on Windows.
The tutorials can be followed easily in PowerPoint 2010 as well. 

The 3 BIG Benefits of the Club

Membership Preview
  • 0% Overwhelm and 100% Learning

Each week’s lesson won’t take you more than 30 minutes to learn and practice.
So, you complete your lessons and get the desired results

  • Convenient Access

You can access the lessons in your Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop or PC.
So, you don’t have to struggle to fit training in your busy work schedule.
You can work through the program in your pockets of downtime

  • Actionable Lessons

Open a lesson. Watch the videos. Implement during the week.
Make a measurable progress in your skills.
Experience the difference in participant’s feedback and in the end results.

Sign up & access these BONUSES

Bonus #1  Additional Resources & Help

Download Icon

Downloadable Work Files

Download the original PowerPoint work files we created for the tutorials
(charts & diagrams) 

See exactly how the final result looks and compare with your own.

Resources Icon

Resource Recommendations

Find recommended downloads, links, resources or add-ins relevant to your module so you aren't stuck for resources.

Archives Icon

Club Archives

Access all your past lessons in a convenient archive as long as you remain a subscriber.

Easily catch up on the lessons you missed or refer back to any earlier lesson.

Bonus #2  Ongoing Q & A Support

Creative trainers community

Got a question?

You may have some questions as you go through the lessons or use PowerPoint and we are here to help!

Get answers!

Ask your questions in the lessons area and get answers from the PowerPoint experts at PrezoTraining. 

So you are never stuck and can always implement what you learn right away.  

Bonus #3  Be part of a like minded & supportive community

Creative trainers community

Access Members Only Facebook Group

When you enroll in Creative Trainers Club, you get access to a private (Members Only) Facebook Group.

Share Your Ideas & Get Inspired

This unique platform provides you an opportunity to connect with like minded trainers. Share your ideas and benefit from their feedback.

An active support network like Creative Trainers Club ensures you never run out of new ideas or inspiration.

Bonus #4  Hit the ground running with PowerPoint 101 Training Course

The Creative Trainers Club membership assumes you are familiar with PowerPoint. 

However many trainers may not be 100%  comfortable with the PowerPoint terminology, essential features and tools. 

So as a bonus for signing up at this time, you will also get the complete PowerPoint 101 Training course. 

PowerPoint Bonus Training


 4 Sections |  26 Videos | Length: 2 Hrs 25 Mins 

  • Section 1
  • section 2
  • section 3
  • section 4

Section 4: Working With Elements On a Slide

  • Multiple ways to Select and Deselect elements on your slide
  • Troubleshooting why some items won't get selected when highlighted with a mouse
  • Shortcuts to copy objects on your slide
  • Shortcuts for Undo and Redo of actions
  • The PowerPoint tools you need to present slides to your audience

Get all the bonuses. Join Creative Trainers Club today!

 Sign Up To Creative Trainers Club Today To Get... 

Focused weekly PowerPoint Lessons

And these Bonuses:

  • Downloadable Work Files
  • Resource Recommendations
  • Ongoing Q & A Support
  • Access To Your Club Archives 
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • PowerPoint 101 Training

Join now for just
$29  $20/month

This is an introductory subscription price.  
You will remain locked in at this low rate as long as you are a subscriber.
You can cancel the subscription anytime. Inc. (Ohio, USA) is a payment facilitator for goods and services provided by BIZPREZ TRAINING LLP.

What happens next?

1. Enter your card details securely & see Transaction Success page

2. Receive a Welcome email with Login ID  & Password

3. Login to access your first week's lesson & bonuses right away


If you are not satisfied with Creative Trainers Club within the first 30 days of your purchase, just write back to us and we will issue you a full refund.
So try Creative Trainers Club out for 30 days and if the membership is not everything as you had imagined, let us know. We will then refund the full purchase price if requested within the first 30 days.

What our readers say about our PowerPoint Tips & Tutorials

Who are we to guide you along the learning path?

Arte and Ramgopal

Here I am (Ramgopal) with my partner in business and life - Arte.

We own three websites., All-PPT- and

All three sites are dedicated to just one thing:

To help people present their ideas better

We have years of experience in training...

I have been a trainer in a multinational bank. I managed a team of trainers.

When we started Metamorph Training Pvt. Ltd...
We trained the trainers across industries and across levels.
We created training content for large organizations.

Here is a picture collage we created in 2016 celebrating 9 years in business...

Experience overview

It’s fair to say, we have a 360-degree understanding of your world as a training professional. We understand your demands and challenges.
We spent years studying adult learning principles and visual design principles.

Now coming to our experience with PowerPoint...

We’ve been living and breathing PowerPoint for the last 15 years – day in and day out.
Leave alone the years we spent developing PowerPoint slides for our clients.
We’ve created more than 6300 unique PowerPoint templates which are now used by thousands of customers from more than 200 countries across the world. Our templates are used by pretty much every big organization you can think of. 

Here are some of our customers ...

Customer Logos

We have the most comprehensive PowerPoint Training Online...

Our Ramgopal’s PowerPoint Mastery Program – is the most comprehensive PowerPoint Training online with over 650 video tutorials, 225 text based lessons and 400+ downloadable files.
That should tell you that we know a thing or two about creating effective PowerPoint slides.

Come join me...

 Through this ‘Creative Trainers Club’ membership program I am offering to share my experience and insider tricks. We use our experience to filter our unnecessary information, and give you just what is essential to see a measurable improvement in the way you create your slides.

Join Creative Trainers Club

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Still have a question?


Start making your training slides more engaging & creative...

If you really want to make a difference, for yourself and your audience, the time is now.
Take action and sign up now at the lowest ever rate for this membership. You will be locked in at this low rate, as long as you are subscribed.

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