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What You Will Get In The Complete Trainer's Bundle:

Here is a list of different types of templates you will download in the Trainer’s bundle:

Actions, Concepts & Metaphors

1074 Animated Actions, Illustrated concepts and Visual Metaphors

Animated Team Concept PowerPoint Template

Animated Concept of  Team 

Time Management Concept

Animated Concept of Time Management

Ballot PowerPoint Template

Choice Concept

Marketing Templates PowerPoint

Marketing Concept

Idea PowerPoint Template

Idea Concepts

Business Concept Barriers PowerPoint Template

Animated Concept of Barriers

Business Concept PowerPoint Template

Animated Concept of Building

Signboard PowerPoint Template

Signboard showing Choices

SEO Marketing PowerPoint Template

SEO Marketing

HR Concepts PowerPoint template

HR Concepts

Right Choice PowerPoint Template

Animated Concept of Choice

Big Fish Business Concept PowerPoint

Animated Business Idea

Environment PowerPoint Template

Recycle Concept

Comparison PowerPoint Template

Comparison Template

Finance PowerPoint Templates

Finance Concepts

...and more Actions, Concepts & Metaphors

Models & Frameworks

311 Industry specific Models & 135 Frequently Used Frameworks

Animated Venn Diagram

Animated Venn Diagram

PowerPoint Kirkpatricks Model for Training

Kirkpatricks Model

PowerPoint Model Learner Models

Learning Models

PowerPoint Model 6 Sigma

6 Sigma Models

PowerPoint Model Audit

Audit Cycle

PowerPoint Model Supply Chain

Supply Chain Models

PowerPoint Models SPRINT Software

SPRINT Process

PowerPoint Models Design

Design Models

PowerPoint Framework Balanced Scorecard

Balanced Scorecards

PowerPoint Framework SCRUM

SCRUM Diagrams

HandDrawn Venn Diagram

HandDrawn Venn

PowerPoint Training Cycle

Training Cycle

Multiple Intelligences model PowerPoint

Multiple Intelligences model

PowerPoint Model 6 Sigma

Lean 6 Sigma

PowerPoint Model Waste

Waste Related Models

PowerPoint Models Software

Software Models

Waterfall Model PowerPoint

Waterfall Model

PowerPoint Models Design Iceberg

Design Iceberg

PowerPoint Framework 3D Pillar

3D Pillar Diagram

PowerPoint Framework Network Diagrams

Network Diagrams

PowerPoint Model for Training

Blooms Taxonomy

Cognitive PowerPoint Training Model

Cognitive Model

PowerPoint Model 4 MAT

4 MAT Model

Stages of 6 Sigma PowerPont Models

Levels of 6 Sigma

PowerPoint Model Quality

Quality Models

PowerPoint Models Agile Software

AGILE Methodology

PowerPoint Models Adoption Technology

Adoption Ladder Technology

PowerPoint Framework Matrix

Matrix Diagrams

PowerPoint Framework Pillar

Pillar Diagrams

PowerPoint Waterfall Cascading

Waterfall Diagrams

...and more Models & Frameworks

Timelines, Roadmaps and Growth

201 Creative Timelines, Roadmaps and Conceptual Growth Diagrams

Animated Timeline Diagram

Animated Timeline

Hand Drawn PowerPoint Timeline

Hand Drawn Timeline

Project Report Timeline

Gantt Project Report

PowerPoint Curved Roadmap

Curved Roadmap

PowerPoint Roadmap Curved

Roadmap with Milestones

Metamorphosis Growth PowerPoint

Metamorphosis Concept

Animated Timeline Diagram Clocks

Timeline Clock

Arrow PowerPoint Timeline

Up & Down Change Timeline

PowerPoint Picture Timeline

Picture Timelines

Roadmap with Signal

Roadmap with Signal

PowerPoint Growth Diagram

Growth Over Time

Tree Growth Metaphors PowerPoint

Tree Metaphors

Animated Timeline Diagram

Animated 11 Period Timeline

Project Report Timeline

Project Reports

PowerPoint Picture Timeline

Picture Timelines

Hand Drawn Roadmap

Hand Drawn Roadmap

3D Curved Arrow Timeline

3D Curved Arrows

PowerPoint Decline Diagram

Decline in Growth

...and more Timelines, Roadmap & Growth Diagrams

Essentials Slides

465 Essential templates right from Title, Agenda to Summry & Contact us Slides

Animated PowerPoint Title Slide

Animated Title Slides

PowerPoint Agenda Slide

Agenda with Icons

PowerPoint Breadcrumbs


PowerPoint Quotes Slides

Quotes Slides

Animated PowerPoint Announcements

Animated Announcements

Animated PowerPoint Team Intro

Animated Team Intro

PowerPoint Pros and Cons Ribbons

Pros and Cons

PowerPoint Vision and MIssion

Vision and Mission

PowerPoint Title Slide

Title Slides

Creative PowerPoint Agenda

Creative Agenda

PowerPoint About Me Slides

About Me Slides

PowerPoint Quotes Slides

Quotes Slides

Animated PowerPoint Questions

Animated Questions

PowerPoint Team Introduction

Team Introduction Slides

PowerPoint Pros and Cons  Torn Paper

Pros and Cons

PowerPoint Vision and MIssion

Hand Drawn Vision and Mission

Colorful PowerPoint Title Slide

Colorful Title Slide

Detailed Meeting Schedule PowerPoint

Detailed Meeting Schedule

PowerPoint Case Study Slides

Case Study Slides

PowerPoint Summary Slide

Summary Slides

PowerPoint Breaktime Slide

Break time Slides

PowerPoint Tables

Editable Tables

PowerPoint Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons

PowerPoint Thank You Slide

Thank You Slides

...and more Essential PowerPoint Templates

Linear & Circular Flows

502 options to show Linear flows, Circular flows, Inflows & Outflows

Animated PowerPoint 3 Stage Process

Animated 3 Stage Process

PowerPoint 4 Step Linear Flow

4 Step Linear Flow

PowerPoint Bent Process

Bent Process

PowerPoint Bent Process

Bent Process with Spheres

PowerPoint Flows Loops

Flows Loops

PowerPoint Simple Funnel

Simple Funnel

PowerPoint HandDrawn Funnel

HandDrawn Funnel

PowerPoint Decision Tree

Simple Decision Tree

PowerPoint Outflow Box

Outflow Box

PowerPoint 3 Step Circular Flow

3 Step Circular Flow

Animated PowerPoint Circular Process

Animated Circular Process

Animated PowerPoint 3 Step Process

Animated 3 Step Process

PowerPoint Hand Drawn Linear Process

Hand Drawn Linear Process

Animated PowerPoint Flow

Animated Flow

PowerPoint Linear Process

Detailed Linear Process

PowerPoint 2 Step Filter

2 Step Filter

PowerPoint Flat Design Funnel

Flat Design Funnel

PowerPoint Flow Spiral

Flow Spiral

PowerPoint Inflows


PowerPoint Outflow Arrows

Outflow Arrows

PowerPoint 4 Step Circular Flow

4 Step Circular Flow

Animated PowerPoint Circular Process

Animated Circular Process

PowerPoint Process Curved Arrow

Process Curved Arrow

PowerPoint Sankey Diagram

Sankey Diagram

PowerPoint Flow Stages

Flow Stages

PowerPoint Continuum


PowerPoint 4 Step Funnel

4 Step Funnel

PowerPoint Funnel Bezier Curve

Funnel Bezier Curve

PowerPoint Decision Tree

Vertical Decision Tree

PowerPoint Outflow Arrows

Outflow Arrows

PowerPoint 6 Step Circular Flow

6 Step Circular Flow

PowerPoint Handdrawn Circular Flow

Handdrawn Circular Flow

PowerPoint Curved Arrow Circular Flow

Curved Arrow Circular Flow

...and more Linear & Circular Flow Templates

Number based slides

200 Data driven Charts from Essential Charts to Marketing, Project & Report Charts

Editing PowerPoint Data Charts

Easy to Edit Data Charts

PowerPoint Data Chart Thermometer

Data Chart Thermometer

PowerPoint Doughnut Charts

Doughnut Charts

PowerPoint Histogram Chart

Histogram Chart

PowerPoint Data Chart Target

Target Achievement

PowerPoint Data Chart Budget

Data Chart Budget

PowerPoint Data Chart Marketing Funnel

Marketing Funnel

PowerPoint Data Chart Speedometer

Data Chart Speedometer

PowerPoint Data Chart Pie

Pie Charts

PowerPoint Column Charts

Column Charts

PowerPoint Data Chart Min Max Values

Highlight Min Max Values

PowerPoint Data Chart Product Comparison

Product Comparison Chart

PowerPoint Bullet Charts

Bullet Charts

PowerPoint Chart Achievement

Target Achievement

PowerPoint Data Chart Line

Line chart

PowerPoint Data Chart Pareto

Pareto charts

PowerPoint Data Chart Median Values

Highlight Median Values

PowerPoint Charts with Delta Sticks

Charts with Delta Sticks

...and more Data-Driven Charts

Infographic Templates

108 Data driven Infographics and 112 editable infographics to make your number slides sizzle

Splatter PowerPoint Data Charts

Data Driven  Pie

PowerPoint Data Chart Budget Infographic

Data Driven Budget Infographic

PowerPoint Battery Chart Infographic

Data Driven Battery Chart 

Animated PowerPoint Odometer Infographic

Animated Odometer

PowerPoint Iceberg Infographic

Iceberg Infographic

PowerPoint Scale Infographic

Scale Infographic

PowerPoint Infographic Thermometer

Thermometer Infographic

Hand Drawn PowerPoint Pie Chart

Hand Drawn Pie Chart

PowerPoint Percentage Comparison Charts

Percentage Comparison Charts

PowerPoint Bar Chart Infographic

Data Driven Bar Chart

Animated PowerPoint Switch Infographic

Animated Switch

Editable PowerPoint Sphere Infographic

Sphere Infographic

PowerPoint Slider Infographic

Slider Infographic

PowerPoint Thermometer Infographic

Thermometer Infographic

Gear PowerPoint Data Charts

Data Driven Gear Chart

PowerPoint Data Chart Survey

Data Driven Survey Chart

PowerPoint Infographic project

Project Completion Infographic

PowerPoint Battery Infographic

Battery Infographic

PowerPoint Number Infographic

Number Infographic

PowerPoint Survey Infographic

Survey Rating Infographic

PowerPoint Survey Infographic

...and more Ready To Use Infographic Templates

Levels & Hierarchy

113 Template Options to show level relationships

Animated PowerPoint Levels Hierarchy

Animated Hierarchy

PowerPoint Pyramid Levels


Animated PowerPoint Steps Levels

Steps to Goal

PowerPoint Levels Ladder

Ladder to Growth

PowerPoint Simple Flow Chart

Simple Flow Chart

PowerPoint Levels Model

Pyramid Model

Animated PowerPoint Levels Steps

Animated Steps

PowerPoint Levels Ladder Multiple

Ladders Multiple

PowerPoint Hierarchy


PowerPoint Hierarchy Handdrawn

Handdrawn Hierarchy

Animated PowerPoint Levels Reaching Goals

Animated -Reaching Goals

PowerPoint Career Steps

Career Steps

...and more Level Templates

Cause Effect Diagrams

145 Template Options to show Cause-Effect relationships

Animated Cause Effect Template

Animated Cause Effect

Multiple Effects PowerPoint Template

Multiple Effects

Hand Drawn Cause Effect Arrow Diagram

Hand Drawn Cause Effect

Animated Outcome PowerPoint Template

Animated Outcome Slide

Infographic Style Cause Effect Template

Infographic Style Cause Effect

PowerPoint Ripple Effect Dagram

Hand Drawn Ripple Effect

Tree Cause Effect PowerPoint Template

Tree Cause Effect

3D Arrows Cause Effect PowerPoint DIagram

3D Arrows Cause Effect

Multiple Cause Effect Diagram

Multiple Cause Effects

...and more Cause Effect Diagrams


185 Template Options to present numbered lists, bulleted lists & checklists

Animated PowerPoint List Pullout

Animated List Pullout

PowerPoint List with Highlight

List with Highlight

PowerPoint List 3D

3D List

PowerPoint Numbered list

Numbered list

Animated PowerPoint List Detailed

Animated List Detailed

PowerPoint List Tags

List with Tags

PowerPoint List 3D Spheres

List with 3D Spheres

Detailed PowerPoint Numbered List

Detailed Numbered List

Animated PowerPoint List Highlight

Animated List Highlight

PowerPoint List Metallic

List with Metallic Finish

PowerPoint List Folders

List with Sub-Folders

PowerPoint List with Icons

List with Icons

...and more List Templates

Components & Segments 

322 Template Options to Puzzle, Hub-Spoke, Radial relationships

Animated PowerPoint Puzzle

Animated Puzzle

PowerPoint Team Puzzle

Team Puzzle

PowerPoint Wallet Puzzle

Wallet Puzzle

PowerPoint Hand Drawn Wheel Diagram

Hand Drawn Wheel Diagram

PowerPoint Wheel Diagram

Wheel Diagram

Animated PowerPoint Circle Puzzle

Animated Circle Puzzle

Animated 8 Part Radial Diagram

Animated Radial Diagram

Animated PowerPoint Radial Diagram

Animated Radial Diagram

PowerPoint Circular Puzzle

Circular Puzzle

PowerPoint Cube Puzzle

Cube Puzzle

PowerPoint Circle Diagram

Circle Diagram

Animated PowerPoint Doughnut

Animated Doughnut

Animated PowerPoint Hub and Spoke

Animated Hub and Spoke

PowerPoint Comprehensive Solution Diagram

Comprehensive Solutions

Animated PowerPoint Head Puzzle

Animated Head Puzzle

PowerPoint Puzzle with Icons

Puzzle with Icons

PowerPoint 3 Layered Wheel Diagram

3 Layered Wheel Diagram

PowerPoint Earth Core

Earth Core Diagrams

PowerPoint 16 Part Wheel Diagram

16 Part Wheel Diagram

PowerPoint Cluster Diagram

Cluster Diagram

PowerPoint Butterfly Diagram

Butterfly Diagram

...and more Components & Segments Templates


149 Templates to present pictures like product packshots, people & icons

Animated PowerPoint Picture Effect

Animated Picture Effect

Animated PowerPoint Picture HIghlight

Animated Picture HIghlight

PowerPoint Creative Picture Layout

Creative Picture Layout

Animated PowerPoint Picture on Wood

Animated Picture on Wood

PowerPoint Picture with Detailed text

Picture with Detailed Text

PowerPoint Picture List

Picture List

Animated PowerPoint Picture and Text

Animated Picture and Text

PowerPoint Picture Filmstrip

Picture Filmstrip

PowerPoint Creative Picture with Ribbon

Creative Picture with Ribbon

...and more Templates to present Pictures


700 readymade Assets that you can pick and stick to spice up your slides

Animated PowerPoint Assets

Animated Assets

PowerPoint Assets Callouts

Assets Callouts

PowerPoint Assets Staionery

Assets Staionery

PowerPoint Assets People

Assets People

PowerPoint Assets Flowchart Icons

Flowchart Icons

PowerPoint Assets Computers

Assets Computers

PowerPoint Assets Badges

Badges and Awards

PowerPoint Assets Trainers Review

Training Review

PowerPoint Assets Tags

Assets Tags

PowerPoint Assets Notepads

Assets Notepads

PowerPoint Assets Hand Silhouettes

Hand Silhouettes

PowerPoint Assets Network Icons

Network Icons

PowerPoint Assets Billboards

Assets Billboards

PowerPoint Assets Podium


PowerPoint Assets Timers

Countdown Timers

PowerPoint Assets Ribbons

Assets Ribbons

PowerPoint Assets Sticky Notes

Assets Sticky Notes

PowerPoint Assets Arrows


PowerPoint Assets Page Curl

Assets Page Curl

PowerPoint Assets More

More Assets...

PowerPoint Assets Certificates

Assets Certificates

...and more Assets for Training Content

So, for a training course creator who needs to produce engaging and memorable slides under unreasonable deadlines - our templates bundle can be a life saver.

In short, ‘Complete Trainer’s Bundle’ is like having a team of expert PowerPoint Designers at your command. Go ahead and make use of them...

Frustrated with audience not paying attention?

Angry man hitting wall
  • Have you ever been frustrated by your audience fiddling with their mobile phones instead of paying attention to your training ?
  • Have you ever felt that your training slides are causing you to lose your audience rather than helping you to engage with them?
  • Have you ever struggled with keeping an audience engaged when the subject is complex or boring ?

You are not alone.
This happens because most trainers don't realize that...

When you realize the difference, you’d be able to get your audience to pay attention to your presentation, engage with your content and retain your message – even if your subject is bone dry.

The difference between Training Slides & Any Other Presentation...

When you create your training slides, you face 3 big hurdles that are unique to training presentations. They are… Notice, Engage & Retain. 

Hurdles Faced by Trainers

The first challenge you face as a training course creator is…

Challenge #1: Getting Your Participants to NOTICE Your Slides

A recent Microsoft study reveals that today humans have shorter attention span than gold fish. They are constantly distracted by a million things vying for their attention.

Since most training slides are wordy and boring, they fail to get past this first hurdle. That is why, it is very common to see great content being totally ignored by the participants.

When you somehow succeed in getting their attention, you face the second big hurdle, which is…

Challenge #2: Getting Them to ENGAGE With Your Content

You may be familiar with this research by Gibbs in 1992. It reveals that attention levels of audience dip significantly after 19 minutes into the presentation.

Unlike business presentations that are usually short, most training presentations go way beyond 19 minutes. In fact, a typical training program lasts for many hours. To keep your audience engaged for a long time - when they are mentally tired and withdrawn is a huge challenge.

If you need to train them on topics like Sarbanes-Oxley Act on Fraudulent Accounting activities, Stochastic programming in Operations research or Clinical aspects of Platelets transfusion therapy – your task becomes almost impossible.

Even if somehow, you manage to engage them all the way through, you have a much bigger hurdle of…

Challenge #3: Getting Your Audience to RETAIN Your Information

Nothing really happens unless your audience remembers your content.

If they don’t retain your information for long, they fail the qualifying exams post your training, botch up process implementations and violate safety norms.

Wondering How I Know All This?

It is because I am a trainer myself...

My name is Ramgopal. With me is Arte, my wife & business partner.

We both have been trainers and are committed to helping training course creators like you create better presentations.

We both held very senior positions in the corporate world. I worked as Senior Vice President in HSBC - a multinational Bank.  During my corporate career, I developed training content, delivered training programs and managed a team of trainers.

Arte worked as Head Product Development and Requirement Analysis in Iflex Solutions (now part of Oracle Financial Solutions).  She was involved in core product training in her company.

In 2008, we founded Metamorph Training Pvt. Ltd. - a company that trained senior executives and training professionals on Instructional Design.

Today, we own multiple sites :

All  these sites are dedicated to helping trainers and business presenters make remarkable presentations.

We spent years learning instructional design, neuroscience and behavioral psychology.

So, it is fair to say - we understand the challenges of course creators. 

If there is something I learnt in all the years in training , it is…​

If you want to get results from your training sessions, your slides need to be:

Creative enough to get your audience to pay attention quickly

Interesting enough to engage them for long hours

Sticky enough to make them remember your information.

But what are your options - to create such training slides?

#1: Outsource Slide Creation to External Agency?

If you’ve ever outsourced a training slide deck even once – you know that this option is ruled out straight away.

It is literally impossible to find a design agency that understands your subject well enough to create meaningful slides for your training programs. You may run out of patience, time and money before you get your slide deck even half way through...

So, your next option is to…

#2: Build your own slides from scratch?

To use this option - you need to have tons of time and a team of highly skilled PowerPoint designers at your beck and call.

Imagine the amount of time a trainer would be spending to create a graphic like this (assuming he or she has the necessary skill to do so)...

DETAILED Training PowerPoint Graphic
Time consuming animation

If you want to add some purposeful custom animation to your slides, you can pretty much forget about going home even on the weekends.

Considering that most training projects have unreasonable deadlines, it is impractical to create all your slides from scratch and expect them to be any good.

So, that leaves you with the third option, which is to…

#3 Use Premium PowerPoint Templates?

You could think about cutting down production time with premium templates. This sounds like a sensible option. But then, all the PowerPoint templates you see in the market today, are built for business presentations – and not for training presentations.

They don’t have the resources you typically need to build an effective training presentation – like interactive slides, training game templates, industry specific models, visual metaphors, data driven infographics, concepts with advanced animations and so on.

So, you are left feeling helpless.

You hate to enter the training room and open your slide deck only to see your participants instantly turn into zombies.

As you can see, none of the 3 usual options available for a trainer are the right ones...

So, how do get your participants to pay attention to your slides,
engage with your content and recall your information - even when the subject is dry and boring?

The solution is to get into the minds of your audience and understand how they are processing your training content. That is exactly what we term as Neuro Slide Design

It is a special process of designing slides the way your audience naturally wants to absorb new information.

The Neuro Slide Design process is based on cutting edge brain research that took home the Nobel Prize in 2002.

Neuro Slide Design

The process systematically ensures that your audience pays attention to your slides, engage with your content and retain information clearly and accurately.

When you apply Neuro Slide Design Principles to develop a set of PowerPoint Templates exclusively for training course creation – you get a quick and efficient way to design effective training slides.

We are happy to introduce a collection of
4020+ ready to use PowerPoint Templates
 that follow the 'Neuro Slide Design' Process –

Complete Trainer's Bundle

Get Noticed with Creative Visuals

Engage with purposeful Animations

Aid Retention with Visual Metaphors

One Time Payment : $1998    $999 

Here is how the Complete Trainer's Bundle systematically addresses the 3 BIG issues related to Training slides design using Neuro Slide Design process

1. Creative Visuals to Get Viewer’s Attention Quickly
( Notice) 

Recent Brain studies have clearly proved that –we are wired to notice only what is different and ignore the usual.

That is why, you can’t afford to build your training slide deck with boring bullet points and clichéd SmartArt graphics anymore.

Your audience will tune you out the moment they see your first slide.

Let me show you how you can make a routine slide look different with a bit of creativity and design skills. 

Here is the usual way a list slide looks in a training:

Usual Boring List Slide

Now, take a look at how the same three point list
can be designed differently:

If you were a member in the audience, would you rather pay attention to the dull and clichéd slide I showed you earlier or the creative options I showed you later?

These 4 creative PowerPoint Templates were taken from our ‘Complete Trainer’s Bundle’.
Now, can you see how the trainer bundle solves the first issue of ‘Getting the viewer’s attention quickly’?

Interestingly, it takes the exact same time to type your text in the boring slide, as it takes in the creative templates we offer. But, the difference in impact on your audience is huge.

By the way, the Trainer’s Bundle has 185 varieties of List templates, neatly categorized under 6 sections. Take a look at some of the list templates we have in the bundle:

More LIST Templates for Trainers

2. Creates 'Curiosity Gap' to make your slides more Engaging
( Engage)

You may already know that applying custom animation to your graphics helps your audience avoid Information overload.

But, do you know that when you use custom animation, you employ a powerful psychological phenomenon called ‘Curiosity Gap’, which compels your audience to stay glued to your slides? Take a look at the following example:

Animated Puzzle creating Curiosity Gap

The title says, “6 parts of the Marketing Idea”.

You reveal one part at a time using custom animation. Your visual builds up in sequential steps.

Your audience wants to see the picture completed. So, they stay with your explanation till you cover all the 6 parts.

That is the power of curiosity gap.

Here are example of simple lists that are animated:

It is this potent combination of accurate visualization and purposeful custom animation that help you solve the second big issue of ‘Audience engagement with your content’.

MORE Advanced Animated Templates for Trainers

Advanced Animated Roadmap Template
Advance Animated Terms and Definitions Templates

2. Using the Power of Visual Metaphors to make your message Memorable ( Retain)

Latest Neuroscience studies show that we learn and store any new information by comparing it with our existing base of knowledge.

That is why the first ‘Motorcar’ was introduced as ‘Horseless Carriage’. Melamine was introduced as ‘Unbreakable plastic’ and so on.

This technique is called as ‘Analogy’, and it is a powerful tool to simplify complex concepts for your audience.

In Complete Trainer’s Bundle - we provide a massive collection of ‘1074 Animated Actions, Illustrated Concepts and Visual Metaphors’ to help you make your message memorable.

You can add context to your ideas with simple metaphors like this:

Problem Solution Template for Trainers

You can capture complex emotions with PowerPoint templates like this:

PowerPoint Bridge Template for Trainers

You can illustrate common phrases with templates like this:

Common Phrases Uses as PowerPoint Templates

      Or even tell an easily understood anecdote with templates like this:

Elephant Anecdote PowerPoint Template

If Powerful visuals aren’t enough, simulated actions definitely have the power to simplify ideas.

Take a look at some of the animated actions in our PowerPoint Templates Bundle for trainers.

Execution of Ideas Animated PowerPoint Template
Remove Element Animated PowerPoint Template
Animated PowerPoint Template
Cards Animated PowerPoint Template

Realize that you can’t bring out the true relationship between elements by using just elementary tools like SmartArt in PowerPoint.

You need a more robust visualizing tool like our Trainer’s Bundle to get your points across in an engaging way for your audience. So get started & download this bundle now...

The Complete Trainer's bundle offers…

#1 Convenience of having the templates at your fingertips

You get all the resources you need to create engaging and memorable training slides in one convenient place, right on your desktop. You can carry the files and work offline at any place you want.

All the 4022 templates in the bundle are carefully categorized into 11 folders. Inside each folder, you’ll find relevant PowerPoint files. Each file has a collection of templates neatly grouped into intuitive sections as shown below:

Categories in Trainer Bundle

You can access any template you need in the shortest possible time by browsing the relevant file in the slide sorter view. We spent countless hours to name each section, file and folder to be as intuitive to search as possible.

#2 Comprehensive Collection Focused on Trainer's Needs

You will get a massive collection of unique diagrams. There are 145 templates that show Cause effect relationship, 322 templates that show Component relationship, 502 templates that show Flow relationship, 113 templates that show Level relationship, 201 templates that show Timelines, Roadmaps and Growth relationships.

You’ll find 311 readymade Industry specific Models. Right from learning models, Quality Models, Project Management models, Software models, to Business analysis models, Leadership Models and so much more. You just need to pick the models and stick them right inside your presentation. No further work required

There are frequently used frameworks right from Network diagrams, V diagrams, Scrum diagrams, Mobius strips - to everyday frameworks like Matrix diagrams, Venn diagrams, Balanced Scorecard and a lot more. These readymade frameworks help you create stunning presentations in minutes

There are 200 Data driven Chart templates, right from Essential charts, Conditional Formatting charts - to Marketing charts, Project Management charts, Report charts and more. No one else online offers you our range of highly advanced data driven chart templates. You just need to replace the sample data with your own data and your charts get ready automatically

You can select any of the 108 Data driven Infographics and 112 editable infographics to make your number slides sizzle. You won’t find such a collection of attractive yet easy to use infographics anywhere else online.

You’ll find 1074 animated actions, illustrated concepts and Visual metaphors in the pack. No one else online provides these kind of templates that make your training programs deeply engrossing.

You can select from a large collection of templates for building your regular content slides. For example, we’ve included 465 Essential templates right from Agenda to Contact us Slides. We’ve also included 185 templates to present your lists and 149 templates to present your pictures. Now, every slide in your training slide deck can look compelling and effective.

If that is not enough, there is a bundle of 700 readymade Assets ( Design Elements) that you can pick and stick to spice up your slides in seconds. The Assets collection includes Badges, Certificates, Podiums and shields, countdown timers, text effects, training update templates, arrows, callouts, tags, ribbons, display boards, hand drawn elements and so much more.

No other templates solution comes even close to the kind of options you get in this highly targeted pack.

#3 True Variety of Options To Choose From

This is where the Complete Trainer’s PowerPoint Bundle makes the biggest difference in your life. For example…

The Bundle offers variety in representing a concept:

For example, the simple concept of ‘Growth’ can be visualized in any of the following ways…

Growth Concept PowerPoint Options

The Bundle offers variety in slide styles:

For example, a simple 4 step circular process can be represented in 2D style, 3D style, Hand drawn style or Flat Design Style as shown below:

PowerPoint Trainers Bundle Circular Processes

The Bundle offers variety in the number of options per graphic type

Offering options for a graphic type is a tricky area. Many sites bloat up their templates numbers by offering multiple options for the same graphic, where the user could’ve created those options easily by just copying and pasting the elements:

We never play such tricks. We provide multiple options for the same graphic type only in cases where you’d find it difficult to create those options yourselves. Otherwise you will find multiple options in for each type of diagram.
Here is an example of the Linear Process Diagrams that you will download.

PowerPoint Linear Process Diagrams for Trainers

So, when we say we that our bundle offers you a true variety of options, we mean every word.

#4 Fully Customizable Templates

The best part about the templates is that you can integrate them into your training slides. They look like they have been created by you especially for the training! 

Blends with your recommended Corporate Color Theme

For example, this original template...

Can be easily changed to look like this...

It is possible to change the element colors, font themes, font colors or apply any design theme.

Fully editable elements

The templates are created in PowerPoint. So they are fully editable.
For example, the contents of the slide here has been created from individual elements. So you can adjust and customize them the way you like.

Fully editable custom animations

All animations are created using the features available in PowerPoint. So you can add new animations, modify existing animations or just remove the animations.

That is, you can get your training slides to look exactly the way you want!

That is why thousands of customers over 200 countries across the world trust our products. 

Some companies that use our PowerPoint Templates:

Here is what Training Course Creators have to say about our templates:

John Doe UI/UX Designer

"Time Saver!”

"What a time saver! I started using the content the very same day. What I like in addition to the time savings, is how much easier it is to communicate new ideas and concepts into the organization. Now I can make a bigger impact by not having to spend so much time on design of my presentations."

Alexis Mast
- Trainer, Energy

“Wide Range”

“I provide a wide range of presentations to a wide range of audiences and this product has allowed me far greater creativity and flexibility with my presentation materials..”

Tammy Towil
- Instructor / Trainer, University & Private Corporate Training
John Doe UI/UX Designer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

“So Easy To Customize”

“These are beautiful designs, but they are also incredibly easy to customize. I can pull parts out to use as stand alone graphics or use the templates as they are and just add text.

 I am particularly pleased with the tutorials & clear instructions given for creating my own graphics. I have learned more on this site than I have in any class I've ever taken."

Kathie Sucidlo
- Learning Design Consultant, RAS Learning

“Great Feedback from Audience”

“The Pack helped to beef up a recent presentation I have to my Executive Team on changing platforms for my entire organization and I received great feedback.”

Christi Wedel
- Training Manager, LYND Company
John Doe UI/UX Designer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

“Learning is enhanced”

“I have used these for presentations at various leadership functions and they are highly effective for keeping the audience focused and attentive. 

Learning is enhanced because the audience is not tempted to be reading a lot of verbiage on the slides while I am speaking. Using the Animation templates reinforce listening and the audience seems to retain the information better by making associations with the animation and the message."

Ethel Elliott
- Doctor, Bayhealth

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  • Templates that are compatible with PowerPoint on Windows, Office 365 OR Mac
    (Versions: 2010,2013,2011, 2016, 2019)
  • Templates that are readily available in both Widescreen (16:9) & Standard Format ( 4:3) so you don't need to switch them around.
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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

If my product doesn’t make a measurable difference to your training presentations, you can write to us within 30 days of purchase, and we’ll refund 100% of your money. No questions asked.

Use our templates to build your training programs & measure the difference in…

  • The feedback score by participants at the end of your sessions
  • The pass percentage and average students score
  • The number of hours it takes to develop your course modules

If you don’t see a marked difference in these measurable parameters, just write to us and we’ll give your money back.

After all, if you are not happy with our product, we don’t deserve your money. It’s that simple.

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  • Costs a fraction of what you'd pay for outsourcing.
    A small training course would cost you at least $5000 to outsource (no guarantees on the quality of slides developed). Our Complete Trainer’s Bundle costs one fifth that amount. With a onetime investment, you can use the templates over and over for all your projects throughout your training career
  • Make back the investment at the end of first training project.
    Even if the templates pack cuts your production time in half (I am being conservative here), you make back the onetime investment – based on man hour charges.
  • Each template costs less than 0.25c.
    I am not even calculating the cost of all the Assets you get with the pack and the free Video training that teaches you how to use our templates effectively. Any template of the same quality - costs at least 10 times that amount in the market.

So, if you are a trainer who needs to create clear, engaging and memorable training slides under unrealistic deadlines – you’ll be at a huge disadvantage if you don’t have access to this resource...

Our PowerPoint Templates Work for Real People...

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“Audience was glued to my presentation”

“The templates have really helped me in doing my training. The audience was glued to my presentation up to the last moment. Thumbs up guys, it saves time..”

Siyanda Macatsha
- Manager, Bn'S Macatsha Health & Wellness

“Used in Educational Web Page”

“Thanks for the pack – am in the process of developing some educational PPT presentations for health professionals and have been able to use some of the PPT icons – they are great. 

We have also used a couple of them on our educational web page to advertise wound care – they are awesome and make the page look very professional.”

Col Killmier
Wound Care Consultant, AU
John Doe UI/UX Designer

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